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The locomotives were handed over at Alstom’s locomotive workshop in Stendal, Germany

26 March 2024

NEXRAIL is pleased to announce its acquisition of two Alstom Prima H3 diesel-battery hybrid locomotives from Alstom. The locomotives are two years old and will be leased to Hamburger Rail Service (HRS) for their port shunting service offering in Hamburg.

The Alstom Prima H3 was the first diesel-battery hybrid locomotive with mainline homologation in Germany.
“NEXRAIL is excited to add this innovative, fuel-efficient locomotive to its fleet. The Alstom Prima H3 fits with our vision to transition the European rail market toward a fossil free future. The Prima H3 will save our client 50% diesel consumption in its particular use-case. Needless to say, that is a big step forward, both in terms of diesel cost and reduced carbon footprint” according to Luuk von Meijenfeldt, Chief Executive Officer of NEXRAIL.  

The Alstom Prima H3 was originally introduced in 2015. The first version was based on nickel-cadmium technology. Alstom upgraded the design in 2020 to a lithium-ion based system. The two locomotives that NEXRAIL has acquired are part of the second, upgraded batch. The Prima H3 locomotives are equipped with a 340 kW Stage 5 diesel engine and a 360 kW battery. In practice, this means that the locomotive can operate at a peak power-at-wheel output of 550 kW, with a tractive effort of 240 kN. Also, with its relatively short length (12.8m) and innovative articulating middle axle, the Prima H3 is able to handle a track curve radius of only 60m. Combined with a top speed of 100 km/h, this makes the locomotive suitable for many different shunting and light feeding operations. In Hamburg, battery-hybrid locomotives qualify for reduced infrastructure fees, making the Prima H3 even more competitive.

“From its inception, NEXRAIL has wanted to offer clients locomotive leasing solutions for non-electrified parts of the network. This part of the market still relies on diesel. With the advancements in battery technology, NEXRAIL aims to transition the reliance on diesel to, eventually, zero. With an impressive diesel saving of 50% in practice, the Alstom Prima H3 is an important locomotive in that transition. And we look forward to adding more to our fleet,” explains Mark Remie, Chief Business Development Officer of NEXRAIL.

The acquisition marks the start of a relationship between Alstom and NEXRAIL. “The Alstom team is pleased that we were able to win NEXRAIL, an important locomotive leasing company, as our customer. We are looking forward to a good co-operation of service of the Prima H3 locomotives. We also look forward to expanding the relationship to other products and services,” comments Mike Niebling, Customer Director at Alstom.

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