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About us

NEXRAIL is a rolling stock lessor operating in Western Europe.

Its current portfolio of ca. 100 locomotives (48 operational and 82 future deliveries, including 70 new-builds) is  dedicated to the freight and shunting markets with clients located in Germany, France, Italy, Belgium and Luxembourg. Nexrail was created by a group of seasoned rail leasing professionals with the ambition to become the leading European platform offering hybrid/dual mode traction and innovative locomotives and specialized rolling stock to its clients. Nexrail Lease is a portfolio company of funds managed by InfraVia Capital Partners.

With rail at the center of energy transition and the roll-out of ETCS, we think of Europe’s aging mid-cab locomotive fleet as an opportunity. Many innovations are rapidly coming to market that will allow a big step in the transition toward a net zero rail market. Using all our experience and resources, NEXRAIL is dedicated to making these innovations available to European rail operators. 

Expect innovative new-build projects involving alternative traction, new-build introductions in new geographies, retrofit projects to sell-modernize-and-lease-back older types, and experiments with alternative fuels such as HVO, hydrogen and e-diesel.

A great example is our inaugural 120 locomotive new-build framework agreement for the first European hybrid heavy duty mid-cab locomotive, the Vossloh DE 18 Stage V Smart Hybrid,. Uniquely, this locomotive will be homologated for Belgium, France, Luxemburg and Germany. Diesel and CO2 savings of 40% should be achievable by most users. In addition, the locomotives are certified for HVO usage. Using HVO saves another 90% of net CO2 emission.

We look forward to discussing your locomotive ideas and needs involving dual-mode, hybrid, hydrogen, and sale-and-lease back. Let’s fast forward to the next generation locomotive fleet.


NEXRAIL has a Pan-European scope. Wherever clients have non-electrified use-cases, we are interested in solutions. Using partner workshops throughout Europe, NEXRAIL can go where the clients wants to go.



Job openings

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